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Shark Encounter Precedes Fatal Diving Incident at Cane Bay on St. Croix

ST. CROIX — An experienced diver was pronounced dead at approximately 7:20 p.m. on Sunday after a diving incident near Cane Bay, according to information provided by the V.I. Police Department following a Consortium inquiry.

According to the statement given by the victim's wife, she and her husband, identified as Paul Evans, had embarked on their second dive of the day when they encountered sharks about 20 feet past the buoy. Ms. Evans signaled to her husband that they should resurface. After spending a few minutes at the surface, Ms. Evans said she tried to descend again but was hindered by faulty diving equipment. Despite her efforts to draw her husband's attention, he began his descent without her and didn't notice her signaling, according to the report. In distress, Ms. Evans said she screamed and was eventually pulled ashore by an unknown individual. Following the ordeal, she requested help from nearby divers to search for her husband.

Four divers from Sweet Bottom Dive Shop responded to the call and initiated a search for Mr. Evans. After locating him at approximately 175 feet deep, they marked his location with an orange marker and brought him to the surface, the report says.

The rescuers removed Mr. Evans's diving equipment and transported him to shore using a dinghy borrowed from a nearby boat owner. The boat owner reported that she had heard the initial distress calls and saw what appeared to be a child in the water. She further stated that she was approached later by one of the divers who asked to borrow her dinghy to transport Mr. Evans back to shore.

Emergency Medical Technicians on the scene found no signs of life once Mr. Evans was brought ashore and his vitals examined. His body was subsequently transported to the Juan F. Luis Hospital by the V.I. Department of Justice's Coroner.



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